Once we have received artwork from the client, we lay it all out in Illustrator, making sure all the colours to be used are displayed and labelled correctly.

The client usually provides us with a specific pantone colour for the coating of the bottle, often incorporating a logo or brand colour.

Once we have all the correct layout the file is prepared for the next stage.

Artwork Stage 1


Next we pull the artwork into a 3D program. The design can then be applied to a 3D model of a bottle to ensure that the design fits correctly and does not wrap round the bottle too far or go to high up onto the shoulder.

The main reason we check using this method is to make sure that when the job goes to production we know without doubt that there will be no errors through the coating or printing stage, as starting over at this point would be very time consuming and costly.

Another reason we do this is to provide the customer with a pre print image of how their bottle will appear, so they can give approval or correct any oversights.

artwork Stage 2


When we are happy with final layout of the artwork around the bottle, we render the bottles with the 3D program to make the bottles look more realistic.

This will make it easier for the customer to see exactly how their bottles will appear.

Artwork Stage 3


The final render is output to a Jpeg so that it can be emailed with the colour documentation to the client for acceptance.

Finally, we do request that if any artwork is sent to us with text in that it either be converted to outline/object or the appropriate fonts be sent along with the artwork. This is to ensure that the design looks exactly as the client intended.

Artwork 4